Monday, December 4, 2017

Super Subscription Sale For A Guide To Natural Dog Care & Training

As a dog owner and pet care provider, I am always on the lookout for quality information on dog behavior, training, natural and holistic pet health care etc. that I can incorporate into the lives of my own dog, the foster beagles I care for and to my furry clients when they are with me.

 I've been a fan and subscriber to Whole Dog Journal and highly recommend it. Subscribe now and receive a 38% discount off the Subscription Rate!

If you'd like to see a back issue, just notify me and I'll lend one to you.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

First posting in 2017

I never could have predicted I'd become so busy with the PetCare Business that I would lack time to regularly post here!!! It's been a year since I've kept you up-to-date on my guests and visitors and all the goings on. I have though, done that via my Facebook page.

Today October 18/17 my wonderful Guests are:

Daycare: Miss STELLA, Australian Labradoodle.
Stella has been attending daycare since she was 4 months old. She's now 5.5 yrs young.

Miss IZZY Pug, a repeat guest we're always delighted to have with us.


Miss SUGAR BEAR (Beagle/Basset)

Mr. QUIGLEY, Miniature Schnauzer


Miss TINKERBELL & Mr. SNICKERS Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds

Miss ZOEY, Dachshund/Terrier. It is Zoey's first time staying with us.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Videos of some of our August 2015 K9 Guests!

Apologies for the late postings, but enjoy, especially if YOUR dog is in one of these! You can be assured that dogs have fun at Lori's Pawzitive FX Pet Sitting!


Stella, Bella and Parkers cute grins and smiles 

Do you think Bella and Jace enjoy each other's company? 
JACE was our 3rd foster beagle from SouthEast Beagle Rescue and was a great playmate for many of our canine guests!

Bella gives a good chase for Jace Beagle 

Pawzitive Fun @ Simmers-Young Dog Park! 

Jace Bella Parker play on ramp at dog park

Indoor playtime is lossa fun at our place

Bella and Lucy Meet Bentley Beagle Puppy

Aug. 26: Schatzi Dachshund and Bailey Beagle: Cardio Workout! 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 29 Day at the Dog Park

Our newest DogVacay Guest, Jolie (Corgi, Boxer, Chihuahua Mix), Stella and Bailey went to Simmers-Young Park on June 29 to get some sunshine & exercise.

From L to R: Bailey Beagle, Jolie (Corgi, Boxer, Chihuahua Mix), Stella Labradoodle

Sniffing the perimeter

Stella is Queen of the Ramp!

Sharing top spot

Enjoying the view from the top

Stella demonstrates to Joli how to go through the tunnel

Resting in the shade

Jolie rehydrating

Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015

Pet Food Direct Delivers Your Favorite Pet Food & Products To Your Door!

Remove the hassle of travelling to the store and lugging home your pet's food or products, by ordering directly from Pet Food Direct!

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Inflatable Dog And Cat Cloud E-Collar For Protection After Injury/Surgery

These inflatable #-Collars come is sizes from X-Small to X-Large

                              - Suitable for injuries or post-surgery
                              - Premium protective collar
                              - Scratch and bite resistant
                              - Washable
                              - Will not mark or scrape furniture

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is ORGANIC Pet Food Important To You?

Information was gathered via an Online Survey of 350 Pet Parents on Blogs and Facebook . 51% of respondents believed it IS important to feed ORGANIC food to their pet, yet only 31% actually do.

Perhaps it's because those individuals haven't researched which Pet Food Companies actually do make Organic Pet Food. One such company is 'Castor & Pollux'. They are a leader in natural & organic pet food and they have a Pawesome giveway coming up beginning November 24 to December 5; in that 1 Grandprize Winner will win a year's supply of ORGANIX line of Cat or Dog Food (depending upon their pet). Also, 1 First Place PrizeWinner will win a $100 Prize Pack full of  ORGANIX goodies for their pet.

On Twitter or Facebook, follow the HASHTAG #ORGANICPET for more details beginning Nov 24.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sugar Gliders: My First Exotic Pet Care Opportunity

I would like to be a well-rounded pet sitter, being able to care for a variety of pets, so when I was contacted several months ago with an inquiry if I knew a Sugar Glider Pet Sitter, I asked if I could perhaps have that opportunity myself.

The Owners were willing to meet me and have me visit their 5 Sugar Glider and 5 Cat Family, I was excited.

In both our opinions, that first visit went well. I returned last night to have my introduction to how to prepare their meals 

and to see them in action a bit. I think they are absolutely adorable and so intriguing.

Their cages and play room are an authentic amazing recreational arena. When they are awake, they are endearing, playful and very entertaining, so I"m hoping on my evening visits, they'll want to come out and play.

I'll be posting my daily visit photos on our facebook page and when time permits, put another posting here.

For more information on these adoring creatures, check out the links below: 

National Geographic: Sugar Gliders In The Wild [video]

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Dog Listener: Revolutionize Your Dog's Behavior By Learning To Speak 'Dog'

Having a busy Dog Daycare and Home Dog Boarding service and having close interaction with so many dog breeds and families of dogs, that it takes being a perpetual student and lifelong learner to be able to manage well the behavior of all dogs when they are together here.

I cannot thank God and one Dog Parent enough for gifting me with the book, 'The Dog Listener' (click image above to view contents) 

as one weekend, it basically 'saved my bacon' when boarding one particular dog who once his family left, began crouching low, growling, showing teeth and backing into a corner.

For the first time ever, I felt intimidated and a bit fearful of this dog; not only for my sake but the other dogs in residence. I realized my attitude and behavior towards this dog HAD TO CHANGE if I was to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone in it that weekend. 

I immediately picked up this book an turned to Chapter 8: Mean and Moody: Dealing With Nervous Agression.

I devoured every word and immediately set about putting it all into practice.

I kid you not: the response from that dog was immediate! He understood the dog language, the signals I was 'speaking' through my actions:

I quote from the book, page 85: 

"Nervous aggression, for all its myriad manifestations, can be conquered by 
making one fundamental change: 


Now we know that when a family gets a new dog, no one goes about to establish that the new dog will be the 'pack leader', however "dogs know instinctively that there must be a leader for the pack to survive and many owners inadvertently give the dog this position by signals they give out. A dog given this role with no experience or guidance, operates in a world where they have no understanding. The aggressive behaviors/attitude is the dog's way of repelling intruders they believe might pose a threat to it's pack"

While I saw a positive immediate response from this dog, it required CONSTANT & CONSISTENT  reinforcing of all the signals for the entire weekend. Truly, this was exhausting, as I was also caring for 3 other dogs at the same time. Exhausting, yes, Rewarding: YES! Was I paid for it: NO. But that's part of what I do when it is required.

During the weekend, I was texting with the family as this was the first time they had boarded their dogs. I asked them if they would like to observe for themselves a new positive behavior from their 2 dogs. They said


When they arrived, I had them complete a particular behavior in front of their dogs. By being consistent in this, within 5 minutes they observed for themselves the minimization and absence of a typical behavior they would see whenever they would arrive home. I appreciated seeing the astonished look on their faces!

So, having said all this, this is what I say about Jan Fennell's book, The Dog Listener:

In my opinion, Every dog owner NEEDS this book. 

We all need to have it, read every word and apply it immediately, consistently and firmly. Dogs are excellent communicators. But they speak "DOG".
We are humans and we speak Human Language. If we truly desire to live in a loving, respectful relationship with them and they with us, we must take the responsibility to learn THEIR language, dictated to them in their DNA over centuries living in the wild.

There's my challenge; are you up to the challenge?

PS - photo above is NOT the dog I had the issue with :)
This is 'Nash', German ShortHaired Pointer
11 mos

Monday, June 16, 2014

*NEW * We now carry ALL4DOGWEAR: Stylish, Custom Collars, Leashes, Ties, Bandanas & More!

Now at Lori's Pawzitive FX, we carry a full line of local Winter Haven's All4DogWear's stylish, custom dogwear! Call ahead to come over to view.
[863] 268-4404

Choose from a stylish matching collar & leash to a bandana for a birthday or a tie for a special occasion!

Custom Orders can be taken; just tell us what you are desiring and we'll pass it along to the designers.

If you live locally in Winter Haven, your item(s) can be purchased and picked up at our location.
If you live a distance away, your item(s) can be paid by credit card and shipped to you.
Always be sure to tell them you saw it at Lori's Pawzitive FX Petsitting!
If ordering thru' mail, use code PAWZFX


What's your sport & what's your team? MLB? NFL? NHL?
Let Fido show team spirit too!

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